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Office Storage

Wooden Side Filing Units, Office Storage

Our range of wooden Side Filing Units incorporate all the factors of a higher cabinet with the advantage of fitting a larger amount of documentation in one section, so the need to flick constantly between drawers is eliminated. The long and low units are available in various lengths with anti-tilt castors and locks for security.

Wooden Side Filing Units

Side Filing Units:
Handle Type A Handle Type B Handle Type C Handle Type D  
Type A Type B Type C Type D  
950mm Wide
SFU8Z GSF09Z KNSF09Z SFU8Z-P Standard 950 x 520 x 727
SF29EZ GSF09EZ KNSF09EZ SF29EZ-P 600mm Ext Top 950 x 600 x 727
SF29EEZ GSF09EEZ KNSF09EEZ SF29EEZ-P 800mm Ext Top 950 x 800 x 727
800mm Wide
SFU31Z GSF08Z KNSF08Z SFU31Z-P Standard 800 x 520 x 727
SFU31EZ GSF08EZ KNSF08EZ SFU31EZ-P 600mm Ext Top 800 x 600 x 727
SFU31EEZ GSF08EEZ KNSF08EEZ SFU31EEZ-P 800mm Ext Top 800 x 800 x 727