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Office Storage

Wooden Under Desk Storage Units, Office Storage

Our Under Desk Storage range is a convenient addition to the workplace, maximising storage and making the best use out of available floor space.

The manoeuvrable units roll out effortlessly for easy access to your files and documentation and create additional surface area when required.

This compact and discreet storage solution is available in a wide range of wood finishes and a variety of handles..

Wooden Under Desk Storage Units


Under Desk Storage Unit Options:
BMOF10 Open unit 1000 x 400 x 625
BMOF08 Open unit 800 x 400 x 625
BMOF06 Single opening unit 600 x 400 x 625
Handle Type A Handle Type B Handle Type C Handle Type D    
Type A
Type B
Type C Type D    
8MHD10 GMHD10 BMHD10 MHD10-P Hinged doors 1000 x 400 x  625
8MHD08 GMHD08 BMHD08 MHD08-P Hinged doors 800 x 400 x 625
8MHD06 GMHD06 BMHD06 MHD06-P Single hinged door 600 x 400 x 625